Guide To Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges facilitate person-to-person betting. They offer the best value for the punter, as there is no traditional bookmaker taking a profit. Betting Exchanges also allow you to be the bookmaker and ‘lay’ bets. Some people use the biggest of the exchanges, Betfair, for trading as a full-time profession.

Betfair Betting ExchangeBetfair betting exchange is the most successful online betting site in the world and it is little wonder. The Betfair betting exchange software is superb and, because Betfair is deservedly the number one in their field, the volume on the betting markets is massive. The large volume is great for punters (bettors) and layers (those who act as bookmakers) because it means they can make the wagers they are looking for. Betfair is regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission and their headquarters are in London. Betfair is the best betting exchange in the world, no question about it. As well as the exchange, they also have a ‘sportsbook’ section where you can bet with them like any traditional bookmaker.
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Betdaq Betting ExchangeBetdaq betting exchange comes a distant but respectable second to industry leaders Betfair. Betdaq run a good business and their betting exchange software has closed the gap on Betfair in recent years, but it needed to. It is hard to imagine anyone purely doing their transactions on Betdaq and not Betfair. Our advice is to open an account with Betdaq to compliment your account with Betfair. It follows that if you a user of betting exchanges then you are acutely value conscious so it would be worth checking the odds of your chosen transaction (whether that be a bet or a lay) on Betdaq before you commit to your bet on Betfair. You never know, you might get better value on occasions. Betdaq is based in Ireland. They currently offer a lower headline commission rate at half that of Betfair. Betdaq charges 3% to Betfair’s 5%.
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